Recent UnitedLINC Testimonials

  • Jennifer Bradley

    Jennifer is a recognized photographer specializing in creative and innovative photography. As a top photographer, here's what she shares with her clients.

    My business has nearly tripled! This idea is simple, yet brilliant. I couldn't be happier knowing that there is an actual company out there that is safeguarding client testimonials and verifying that the companies doing business with these individuals are legitimate.
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  • Theresa Lentini

    Theresa Lentini is the CEO of Home 1st Lending, a leading mortgage lender. When Theresa was redesigning her business, we provided her with the necessary tools for doing so. Here's what she said.

    A few months ago, I contacted United LINC. We have learned loads from them. They haved showed us literally how "our clients" are our best advertisement. So far they have grown our conversion rate by over 35% and counting.
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  • Jason Foley

    Jason Foley is an authorized dealer for Verizon Wireless, the #1 wireless communication company. Jason came to us with a real problem, and we quickly provided him with a solution. Jason says:

    United LINC significantly put our clients' minds at ease. By providing a single reputable source of verified information, we were able to convert referrals and internet leads into life long customers.
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  • JT Tapias

    JT Tapias, Founder of Phat Body Coach and a recognized certified life coach. When JT recently sold his gym, he created a full service fitness program online. We provided him with creative insights and tools, this is what he says:

    I've recently structured my business online to help provide my clients with a full service personal development website and United LINC has shown me many aspects to help my business grow successfully.
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